All my listing clients will receive a full home staging consultation by a professional stager on our team. During this process the professional stager will do a full complimentary staging consultation of the interior of your home and summarize for you the recommendation which will improve your home for the future showings. Within our team and depending on what our client choses, there are furniture and décor options, professional organizers and handyman services that can also be added to your home to enhance its’ attractiveness.

Why Staging and What Is It?

Many people may have already heard about home staging but what is it, and what are the benefits?  Staging is the professional preparation of your home for sale regarding your furniture, décor, artwork, organization any many other subtle enhancements.  This has proven to generate a higher selling price for a customer’s home, spend an average of 70 percent less time on the market then non staged homes.  Upon listing of your home our professional staging team will be immediately engaged to visit your home generally within 48 hours.  The recommendations and enhancement will then commence and soon thereafter our professional photographer will complete a photo and video shoot.